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Episode summary[]

Continuing from last episode's electrifying revelations, this episode opens on the hooded Deluvian attempting to pull Angel down into the water, presumably to drown and/or electrocute her. However, Black pulls in the other direction and, being significantly stronger, pulls the Gnome to (relative) safety. The KT flees into the electrified water, where The Party cannot give chase.

Realising the tatical implications of this, Draven immediately decides that they need to drain the water as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Little One destroys the remaining elemental, while Black and Angel (with the aid of a Fly spell) catch the fleeing Tritons, who surrender immediately. Little One interrogates them in Aqua Common and is informed that the Deluvian raiding party is led by a priest of Blibaal with over 20 slaves and an unknown number of KT. After the KT had entered Ginaron through Don Horatio's estado, they followed the flow of water to find an inlet, which was used by the (non-amphibious) slaves. However, the slaves are also not as resistant to electricity as the KT, so they cannot swim into the main areas of Ginaron without dying (the Tritons were protected by the priest's spells). They are also told that the raiding party's commander is a zealot completely bent on his goals and so terrifying that even the priest will not challenge him.

The Tritons are left in a purification pool and The Party move on. Little One wants to smash his way through the worker constructs' barricade, but the rest of The Party talk him down for fear of turning the workers hostile while there are still Deluvians present, and they instead proceed to Mechanical. Mechanical also has a passage blocked by worker constructs, which Temple 1 says leads to a Warforged repair chamber and the Controller, which controls the constructs and regulates the facility.

The Party continue on toward Water Management, realising that removing the electrified water would nullify a major advantage enjoyed by the Deluvian forces. Draven casts See Invisibility in case the assassin or any other KT try to ambush them, which turns out to have been a good idea as, upon entering Water Management, he sees the assassin standing invisibly by the other doorway. He tries to act naturally, but KT eyes are so good that the assassin can see the slight pupil dilation as Draven focuses on him, and he shoots the dapper artificer before fleeing the room and jumping back into the electrified water. Realising that they cannot give chase (that's why they went to Water Management in the first place), the party instead simply shut the door to prevent further invisible interlopers and turn their attention to the control panels. Draven's analysis determines that while the electricity cannot be turned off from this room, there are two ways to drain the water: either shut off the inflow from the top and let it slowly drain out of the bottom over the course of hours, maybe a day, or activate the emergency drain, which will empty the water as quickly as possible. He decides to use both, just for good measure.

While Draven works, Little One goes out with Angel and dangles a fishing rod into the water to taunt the Kua. As the water begins to drain, Angel sees a grappling hook latch onto the side of the walkway and an odd distortion in the shadows. Before she can react, Kua Commander uncloaks, hitting Little One with his magic hammer. More Deluvian elites reveal themselves and engage The Party in battle, but after a brief scuffle, in which Kua Commander repeatedly uses his men as huma- erm, Kua shields and Temple 1 is injured by a lightning sphere and flees toward Mechanical, all Deluvians are killed except for Kua Commander, who flees into the swirling vortex of electrified water.

However, before they can congratulate themselves, a blue armoured warforged shouts up from the bridge below that while routing the KT was all well and good, the absence of water is about to cause bigger problems.