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Episode summary[]

The episode opens on the revelation (relayed by VII) that shortly after the party left the Warforged Robot Lumberjack, it was attacked and taken over by a smaller warforged. However, the party temporarily dismiss this as it is far more urgent to identify Marp's armour and sword and track down the other Orcs before they can get away.

After a quick heal from Black (Little One was pretty bady injured), the party set off along the highway to the Elven Lands in pursuit. By scouting with a fly spell, Draven easily tracks down Dor, although Naf has successfully fled. Draven incapacitates Dor with a Bands of Steel spell and in the ensuing interrogation, it is revealed that: Naf escaped with the aid of a speed and plans to join another Orc crew, possibly Kajord's Orcs don't value sorcery Dor was given a vision by Grumsh and Infernus, which led Marp and company to the Chasm Dor then attacks the party with a Still Maximised Fireburst, but they survive and kill him.

Concluding that they are unlikely to catch Naf, the party return to town and enjoy the fame and goodwill that come with killing an Orc. The next day, Ironveins provides a potted history of the Ytarans and Adar and then the party are sent off toward Ginaron in the lands of Don Horatio, with the aid of Tirim, a young priest of Moradin, and Greypike, an archeologist. They are also joined by Supervisor Huevo, who following his torture and scarring has decided to become an adventurer. He takes the name Daggerface.

En route, Demonac indulges in some intrapersonal communication and we learn the mechanics of eldritch eyes. The party then enjoy the obligatory random encounter, in this instance against a pair of Trolls. This pair have gear, but it doesn't save them. Little One mounts a pair of jaws on his shield, ignoring warnings that this is unlucky, and the party continues toward Ginaron. There is more intrapersonal communication, this time on the nature of the gods.

Having spent about a month on the road, the party arrives at Ginaron and are introduced to Sergeant Grimboot of Don Horatio's guard and Moru of House Skolov, one of Envoy Lakun's bodyguards. Following a brief argument/attempted murder over etymology, they enter the structure and find two Warforged cleaning, one of whom introduces himself as Temple 1.


  • This is the last episode to feature a rhyming recap section.