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Following the *ahem* "easy Fedex mission" last episode, the party returns to Corso's Chasm with the second spoon, expecting DiCorso's steward to have returned with the third spoon during their absense. During the trip, Little One begins customising his new shield, blacking out the Deluvian heraldry and replacng it with Kua Toa teeth and Kua insults courtesy of Angel.

En route, they meet with MacNeil, an elderly worshipper of Marduk travelling to the Chasm to give his son his inheritance. They share a camp overnight, at which MacNeil shares tales of his life and recounts the legend of The Smith. MacNeil dies in his sleep, so the party take his possessions with them to town and turn them over to his son when they arrive, receiving a chest of potions and martial scrolls as thanks.

The party then brings the second spoon to Don Di Corso, who informs them that his steward is over a month late returning from his archeological expedition and asks them to investigate and save the steward. He also reveals that the dig site was recently attacked by Deluvians.

The party spend a week on downtime, trading and crafting magic gear. Partway through the week, however, the town is approached by three orcs, who introduce themselves as Naf, Dor and Marp and demand water, horses and one of the magic spoons. The orcs threaten to besiege the town, but Marp offers to duel any of the town's defenders one-on-one instead, an offer eagerly accepted by Little One.

The duel is long and hard-fought, with both combatants ending up on a single hitpoint, but Little One wins the final clash and Marp lies dead at his feet. With Marp dead, the other two orcs depart.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first mention of the Shatterwar, the first mention of Deathfin Unon and the first piece of voice-acting by Orestria, portraying Dialiah.
  • Orestria also provided sketches of Naf and Dor, making this episode and the next the only ones in which specially-made art assets not produced by Demonac are used (aside from the commission of the sketch of Swayne used later in the seires, produced by Tin-Min, but that was inked by Demonac and subtly changed in some areas.)
  • Little One reveals that the party are level six in this episode.
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