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Episode summary[]

The episode opens with the sneak attack of the invisible Deluvian troops on B'ob, The Party and Jimmy's Warbonders. Deluvian Leader heads off into the forest, while B'ob's men engade the Deluvians and Jimmy's men attack everybody, including The Party, because he's an idiot.

Volbo breaks free of the entangle spell in which he was ensnared last episode and charges into the frey. A halfling with a slingshot from Jimmy's band stops attacking the Illud to focus on the Deluvians, but Jimmy doesn't take the hint.

Angel returns from the woods and The Party begin cutting their way through the Deluvian ranks, when Jimmy foolishly fires on Black. This ends poorly for him. Following Jimmy's death, his druid flees in the form of a bird, leaving the halfling with the sling as the last warbonder present.

Deluvian Leader returns from the woods, hurling an alchemical flask into Volbo that does enough damage for the Deluvian troops to kill him, before ducking back into the foliage. He then returns and hurls a flask into Little One, then turns invisible. However, Draven has see invis on, so he sees as Deluvian Leader uses a whipvine tube to rapel toward B'ob.

With Draven's warning, Black manages to interpose himself between the two KT, withstanding an acid flask sneak attack and buying enough time for Angel to sprint over and get the kill with a brutal sneak attack crit.

After the battle, The Party allow the halfling to go (with his magic items) after asking a bunch of questions about the Warbond. After a brief argument with B'ob over the ownership of the Deluvian colos cloaks, The Party help to bury Volbo and return to Corso's Chasm with the second spoon safely in their possession.


  • This is the first epsisode to feature a rhyming recap section.