Episode summary Edit

The episode opens as the previous one left off, with Volbo decloaking and demanding that The Party identify themselves. They explain that they were sent by Don Dicorso, but Volbo doesn't buy it and becomes increasingly aggressive. Before tensions can spill over, however, B'ob decloaks himself and tells Volbo to back down. The Party trade the stun rod for the spoon and all seems well, with B'ob explaining the rods' increased underwater efficacy and extending a generous offer to the Don for the schematics.

However, B'ob is suddenly startled by a Faerie Fire spell, which causes him to glow bright green, preventing him from effectively returning to invisibility. A motley group of humans, elves and halflings (mostly humans) appear, led by a young man with a bow. They engage in battle with B'ob's men, but are largely ineffective. B'ob attempts to reason with them, but it is ineffective due to Jimmy's belief that he has tracked B'ob from the Peacebond (plus a combination of fanaticism and idiocy). Little One, however, quickly deduces that a second group of Kua are present and in order to prevent bloodshed, Black interposes himself between B'ob and the Warbond. It doesn't work, though, and the Warbond attack, to which Black and Little One respond with non-lethal countermeasures. B'ob orders his men to do likewise.

Little One then decides that if the opportunity comes up, he will retrieve the spoon from B'ob, although he draws the line at killing him. However, the Deluvians do not draw lines at killing and choose this moment to attack, hurling lightning spheres into the midst of the Warbond (killing most of them). B'ob concludes the episode by admonishing the Warbond in a familiar way.

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