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Episode summary[]

The adventure begins in Corso's Chasm after Angel and Little One helped save a dwarven trade convoy (with which Black and Draven had been travelling) from dire bears.

The first quest is to investigate an attack on the mines by drow, who are attempting to widen a natural portal between the Fadelands and the Shadowfel using the Feltree, a fear-spirit-tree-thing. The Party convince the Ibixians (Goatmen) slaves to help them to lure the drow leader, Kaavin Tayria, out and when nearly trapped in a tunnel by the tyrant, Black kills him in single combat with a critical hit. They also (offscreen) rescue supervisor huevo, who becomes a recurring character.

Don DiCorso thanks them for their service (with gold) and, after sending guards to ensure the portal isn't used by anybody else, then offers The Party a job. He reveals that he owns one of three magic spoons which can be used to cast create food an unlimited number of times per day. He has sent his steward to retrieve one of the others, and tasks The Party with purchasing the second from B'ob, a local Illud trader.

En route to the meeting site, the party encounter a strange white deer (as in, monochromatic white, to the point of appearing 2-dimensional) which leads them off into the woods. In a clearing, the deer disappears into a similarly monochromatic white tree. The Party realise that the tree is under threat from a giant automated lumberjack, so Draven negotiates with it and convinces it to alter its path so that the tree is unharmed (it's both quite small and actually a spirit, so it's not as if there was any worthwhile wood in it). A seed then detaches from the tree and glides across into Draven's shirt pocket.

The party arrive at the meeting site (about 10 days after leaving Corso's Chasm) with the stun rod they are to trade for the spoon when they are accosted by a large kua-toa. This provides the episode's cliffhanger.


  • The orginial version of the episode showed the party to be level 5 at this point.