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The Elves are one of the three Eldar races, whose homeland is the Fadelands nation of Telaras. They are also sometimes called the "Wood Elves" by those who call all the Eldar peoples "Elves" (or by those classifying them based on the standard D&D Elven subraces).

Since the dawn of the age of mortals, these tall and strong clinically immortal humanoids with pointy ears have been ruled by King Dietrich and Queen Floretta, who are now highly revered, wise and powerful monarchs. They also usually sport a terrible "German" accent.

Because mortals can sometimes find it disconcerting when a young-looking Elf mentions events they lived through centuries or even millennia ago, the Elves have developed a tradition of refusing to discuss historical events with mortals who did not live through them. This means that they have refused to help the Humans restore their records after they were destroyed during the Blood Whip or the Dwarves after the destruction of Egregor and Zarafheim.

The Elves maintain strong relations with their planar neighbors the Eladrin, whom they are currently assisting with the Formian invasion of their lands in the Feywild. They are also on friendly terms with Laric, the Three Brother Nations and the Illud, with whom they hold an annual summit at Blue Mountain.

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