Duke von Christoff of Newland is one of the four dukes of Vistria. The Duke prefers to involve himself with his province directly, personally inspecting his forts and interrogating prisoners of war.  

The Deluvian Peace Offer Edit

The Duke is well regarded as a leader; however, his temper has been known to drive him to recklessness, an example of this conduct is as follows: A Deluvian slave messenger approached the fortress of Half-wall with a white flag of peace raised. It happened that the Duke was inspecting the fort at the time, so the envoy called up the wall to the Duke. The Duke heard him out, and he spoke his message: The Deluvians had a peace offer. As the slave concluded the message with insinuations of Vistrian weakness in comparison to the Deluvian Empire, the Duke became enraged at his superior attitude. He then jumped off the fortress outer wall, killing the peace messenger with his landing.

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