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A generic Drow.

The Drow are one of the three Eldar peoples, differentiated by their darker skin. They are endemic to the Shadowfel, where they reside within the Underdark. They also speak with ... bad Russian accent.


The Drow were originally a matriarchal theocracy dedicated to Lolth and led by the Spider Empress and her priestesses. After Lolth mysteriously stopped answering prayers, the priestesses had a group of drow wizards teach them arcane magic so that they could maintain a pretence of having divine powers. After centuries of this pretense, however, the other Drow discovered the deception and overthrew the old order, forming the Drow Republic. Little is known about this Republic, other than that a) it is led by a President b) it has gender equality and c) it endorses slavery.

Notable Drow[]

  • Kaavin Tayria
  • The Spider Empress (or Королева Пауков in Drow)