Draven Rowe is a human artificer and the hereditary Marquis of Rowan in Verandi. Draven is also a member of the Hand of Sirius, along with his protector, Black.

In combat he used a heavily customised magitech crossbow until relatively recently, when he acquired the photon accelerator. He now uses a heavily customised Ytaran magitech crossbow.

Personality-wise, Draven is the archetypal adventurer-scientist, often taking samples of strange phenomena to study later or taking diversions from missions to poke around old libraries. Whenever somebody has to fix a broken tram or negotiate with a giant warforged lumberjack, Draven's the man to turn to.

He's also a bit racist (speciest?) against non-humans, but he's getting better as he spends more time away from his human-dominated homeland.

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