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Draven Rowe is a human artificer and the hereditary Marquis of Rowan in Verandi. Draven is also a member of the Hand of Sirius, along with his protector, Black.

In combat he used a heavily customised magitech crossbow until relatively recently, when he acquired the photon accelerator. He now uses a heavily customised Ytarran magitech crossbow.

Personality-wise, Draven is the archetypal adventurer-scientist, often taking samples of strange phenomena to study later or taking diversions from missions to poke around old libraries. Whenever somebody has to fix a broken tram or negotiate with a giant warforged lumberjack, Draven's the man to turn to.

He's also a bit racist (speciest?) against non-humans, but he's getting better as he spends more time away from his human-dominated homeland.

At the start of the campaign, Draven had a homunculus named VII. Following an unfortunate incident involving an Ytarran portal, VII went AWOL and Draven instead modified a magic book he'd found in Ginaron to create a new familiar, named VIII.

After attempting to empower the spirit seed with the power of the Oluana Spring, Draven accidentally fell into the water and recieved Oluana's blessing, making him clinically immortal. It is unknown how this will affect his relationship with his in-laws, who mainly married their daughter to him so that their grandchildren could inherit his titles.

Kill Steal[]

Since early in the series, Draven has had a reputation for "Kill stealing" the enemies of the party. "Kill stealing" is popular term used across many types of gaming circles to say that one kills an enemy while not doing the majority of the damage to it. Draven is known for this in large part due to him casting buffs on the party in the early rounds of combat, causing him to do damage later in the fight, resulting in a unusually high kill to damage ratio.

Notable Equipment[]

  • The Photon Accelerator- A crossbow made by the Ytarans to kill undead should the Dead wars happen again. The crossbow comes with 5 vampire slaying bolts, each meant to target a specific Vampire king. The crossbow comes equipped with a flashlight and a greater true death weapon crystal. The crossbow and it's bolts were discovered in Polaron's secondary armoury.