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Dragons are a species of giant flying lizards with elemental breath weapons who live on the continents of Haruan and Novendil in the Fadelands. Some dragons, such as Lady Vasarus, choose to live elsewhere.

Lady Myulana, a blue dragon

In ancient times, the goddess Tiamat gave a portion of her divine ability to the Dragons, accounting for their immense size and magical ability. They grew so powerful that rather than worship her, they created a new lifeform (or possibly just mutated some lizardfolk) and proclaimed themselves gods in their own right. Tiamat was in no position to complain.

Dragons are likely to be the same colour as one of their parents, but this is not guaranteed. Sometimes dragons are born a different colour to either parent, even if both parents are the same colour. Some theorise that this is because so much of Tiamat the many-hued's power runs through their veins. However, unlike many D&D settings, in TDDC dragons' colour does not determine their morality. There are evil metallic dragons, such as Zoloto, and (relatively) good chromatic dragons, such as Lady Myulana. Breath weapon damage type is still tied to colour, though.


The language of the Dragons, Draconic, is equivalent to real-world Latin. To quote Demonac: "As in many settings, Draconic is a common language for all kinds of old magic stuff, the presumption being that a decent chunk of early arcane knowledge was discovered (or at least recorded) by dragons or their servants".

Examples of this include:

Known Dragons[]