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Delvash is the god of greed, hatred, darkness, tyranny and lies in the TDDC universe. He is both one of the most powerful of the deities, due to his many stolen disciplines, and one of the most influential in mortal history.

The Death Equation[]

Delvash is the only living deity known to have used The Death Equation. He came across Tiamat, weakened from her use of The Equation on Pelor and, curious as to how she had been able to kill a god, tortured the information out of her. He used The Equation to kill his rival, Lolth, and steal her domains. He then attempted to use The Equation on the captive Tiamat to steal her and Pelor's domains, but found that subsequent uses of The Equation are more draining that the initial ones, and with the amount of power he temporarily lost, he was not able to hold onto the sun, which broke free from his control. However, he retained Pelor's other disciplines, along with Tiamat's, Lolth's and of course his own. It is fortunate for the other gods, and indeed the universe, that he fears to use The Equation again, lest the power necessary continues to increase and the effort of a third use kills him.