The Deluvian peace offer was an offer of peace delivered by the Deluvian Empire to the Kingdom of Vistria. It was initially presented to Duke von Christoff of Newland, but after he killed the messenger it was instead presented directly to King Edward by Rollo, a Sea Elf slave.

The King of Vistria has since signaled his acceptance to the Deluvians.

Terms of the offer[edit | edit source]

  • Peace between the two parties.
    Treaty map-0.png
  • The Deluvian Empire cedes land north of a line drawn between Dream Lake and Shale Keep (see map), an area of about 100,000 square miles or 1/4 of Verandi (1/3 of the farmland).
  • All Deluvian forces to be withdrawn from this area, save for a bastion in the Crimson Sea.
  • Deluvian forces in Dream Lake to be reduced to the level of militia.
  • Vistria takes control of the Crimson Sea up to a distance of 50 miles from the shore, including fishing rights to a depth of 200 feet (see map).
  • Vistria may not create any new fortresses within the treaty area.
  • Pre-existing Vistrian fortresses within the treaty area may not contain more than 100 troops per civillian settlement.
  • The Vistrian navy is frozen at its current size, with the construction of new warships limited to replacing decomissioned ships.
  • As a goodwill gesture, the Friend of the Sea amulet is returned to the King of Verandi and the Deluvians maintain a unilateral ceasefire for three weeks after the treaty is offered (until the acceptance deadline).
  • Vistria may signal acceptance by replacing the Vistrian green flags of Castle with Verandi blue.
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