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The Deluvian Invasion of Verandi was an invasion of the Kingdom of Verandi by the Deluvian Empire in an effort to keep the Humans from interfereing in the KT Civil War.

The theory behind the assault was that by swiftly and efficiently eliminating a land nation, the Deluvians could cow all other land nations into submission, leaving the Illud without terrestrial allies. However, between a stronger than expected Verandian defence and interference by Laric, Vistria and Lady Vasarus, the entire war turned into a complete quagmire for the Deluvians. This was not helped by the fact that none of the Deluvians' slave races could survive for long on land, meaning that the casualties were actual Kua, as opposed to the predominantly slave casualties seen in underwater warfare.


Initial invasion[]

Laric Counterinvasion[]

The Peacebond[]