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Deathfin Gizua is a powerful Illud Kua Toa Monitor, and the protagonist of the patreon-exclusive short story, $ The Squirming Blood.

She is implied to be well over a century old, having trained "hundreds of thousands of hours" and thrown "millions upon millions of punches, knife hand and eagle's claw strikes - honing her hands into lethal weapons". Having recently mastered the power of Deathfin Kargol's Scroll of Squirming Blood (whether recent means weeks, months, or even a year or two), she is summoned by Godfin Mukali, who sends her on a mission to find out how and why Riftfin Buluo was killed by an elf... and presumably to tie up that loose end.

Spoilers for The Squirming Blood:[]

Her Deathfin Scroll grants her fairly impressive hemokinetic powers over blood which is exposed to air, though apparently a bleeding but shallow scratch is insufficient for her to cause a victim serious harm. However, sensing such exposed blood - even at a distance - seems to create a bloodlust which is difficult to resist, and which troubles her, as she fears it to be a connection to Blibaal, the evil Goddess of Slaughter and ancient 'patron god' of Kua Toa.

Searching the jungle near where Buluo was thought to have been operating, Gizua finds the camp of Cleansers, who the Illud consider to be "druid terrorists", but then spots another invisible spy who tracked down the same camp. Following him back to his own base, she slaughters them - members of some unknown organization, with no markings except white magical armbands. She gets little information, except that their 'boss' was the one who killed the monitor, so she returns to the druids' camp to find them, in turn, slaughtered by 'the boss' who wears an elaborate, ostentatious white coat of that same magical cloth.

Through a brutal battle, Gizua wins, though she gets little to show for her efforts except a severed arm, which she is now learning to hold together via the power of The Squirming Blood. She never gets a name from 'the boss', but the audience discovers the mysterious white coated boss to have been Auric Sturmgewehr, who (in the time since the TDDC party last saw him) had left The Organization in favor of this mysterious new group, warning of some dire unspecified threats to the world. Auric claimed to have renounced his vengeance against the Kua Toa, but still appeared to bear something of a grudge. RIP.