Ready to fire.

The Death Laser in effect.

The Ytarran Death Laser was the one serious trap the Ytarrans build to protect Polaron. It had a separate energy source to power itself.

Mechanical[edit | edit source]

The Death Laser dealt 15d6 Electrical damage than can be halved by a succesfull Reflex save (or if you are a freaking ninja gnome or a skeletal monk with Evasion you gain no damage.) The special thing about the Death Laser is that it is 10 feet wide and... well not infinitely long but the range is definitely good. And it stays in place, so if you touch the place the Death Laser occupies you'll get the damage again.

The Death Laser can move itself 10 feet either left or right to hit more targets, and also use the angles of the room to hit even more targets. To make matters worse, the Conducting golems are able to angle their laser to hit nearly every target in the room. TARGETS!

Luckily a Wall of Force is able to block the Death Laser.

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