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Daggerface front.PNG YOU STOLE MY NAME!

You may be looking for Daggerface (dwarf) instead.

Daggerface is a legendary newforged bounty hunter who specialises in live captures. However, he was willing to make an exception for Matthew Patel's bounty on The Party as it was so large. He and his team easily defeated The Party (less Angel, whose player was away for that session), killing half-orc guy in the process, yet did not kill them, a fact which Little One greatly resents. He is also resented by his namesake, because "YOU STOLE MY NAME!", despite the fact that this Daggerface was the original by several years.

When the Rahjs' banker retracted the bounty on Patel's behalf, Daggerface released the captured party and gave them the name and address of his erstwhile employer before leaving to track down the banker and see if he could get any money out of him.

Daggerface actually has a thin black slit eneath the top and bottom pairs of blades on his face, but they're hidden by a spell he cast called "bad Youtube compression". These slits (or at least the top one) are his visual apparatus. This is also one of the reasons he's so "expressive" in terms of head movement - his field of vision is a little narrower than a Human's, so he needs to turn his head more to keep track of his surroundings.