He IS a sentient ball, a breakthrough of Ytarran Technology.

Controllers are artificial intelligences that manage Ytarran facilities, such as Ginaron and Polaron. They direct the worker constructs and defensive golems, as well as handling more mundane concerns such as power supplies.

The first Controller was created using a Wish spell, but the Ytarrans were so magitechnically proficient that they managed to analyse the process carried out by the Wish to create the Controller, reverse engineer it to create more. This breakthrough eventually led to the creation of the Warforged

Ginaron Controller resided in a room with a floor and ceiling covered in water, which it could flash-freeze into pillars for defensive purposes, or more intricate designs such as maps of the area. Polaron controller resides in a similar room with lava instead of water, implying that it too has the power to manipulate its room's fluid. It is possible that all Controllers have such a system in their control rooms.

Known Controllers[edit | edit source]

  • Ginaron Controller (deceased)
  • Polaron Controller
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