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Castle is the capital of Vistria. It is so-called because it contains a Castle. The Smith was good with names. The city contains the outer walls, outer city, inner walls, inner city and keep.

Notable Residents[]

  • The King of Vistria and The King of Verandi.
  • Seneschal of Castle: runs the majority of the city-wide operations and projects in Castle, and has a rank equivalent to count. They are in charge of the royal guard, and the protection of the Nobility that resides in Castle (Including both royal families.) The current Seneschal of Castle is Seneschal Farmer.
  • Castlemarch: Castlemarch is the Marquis of the province of Castle, given the rank of Marquis not because of any of the traditional reasons a County is elevated to a March, but to retain seniority over the Seneschal of Castle. The current Castlemarch is unknown.
  • The Chancellor of Vistria, currently Chancellor Unther
  • The Marshal of Vistria: Currently Lady Redpath
  • The King's spymaster, Lord Hamata
  • Bishop of Larethal: The highest ranking leader of the church of Larethal in Vistria, currently Bishop Sickle
  • Representative of Kord: The representative of Kord (aka Marduk) in Vistria doesn‘t have a title, because most followers of Kord believe that titles are frivolous, and that one should stand on one’s own name. Currently Radley.
  • Representative of Sirius; The representative of Sirius usually takes the title of Father, also the representative of the Hand of Sirius. Currently Father Marlon.