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Bolraad is the Illud ambassador to Laric, a job he earned by annoying the Illud elite until they assigned him a role that would take him as far away from them as possible. In his spare time he enjoys drinking (although with his KT bonus to poison resistance he can't actually get drunk, to the point that he's even managed to drink Salzo Goldbeard under the table), discussing Kua Toan cultural artefacts with Mareia and experiencing racism at local taverns (he reasons that if everybody's going to be prejudiced agaisnt him, he may as well drink in the establishment of somebody with the decency not to lie about it).

His favourite shot is one part tequila to two parts vodka, opening up the interesting question of where Agave cacti are being farmed if the desert's full of Orcs.

Not only has Bolraad spent a long time as ambassador to Laric, his bodyguard seems to have spent a long time as bodyguard to the ambassador to Laric and has developed the level of familiarity that entails. He often back-talks his ostensible superior and generally complains about the risks he takes.

He met The Party at the Laric National Museum, where he explained the history of Deathfin Du and Deathfin Unon. He also hinted that he knew and had a positive opinion of B'ob.