Bankton is the capital of the nation of Laric. It was built from the ground up to be showy and impressive, in an attempt to get other nations to take Laric more seriously. It is now the banking center of the world. Bankton was built by the old halfling hamlet of Banapal. It replaced the township of Droma's Hedge as the capital of Laric.

Banking[edit | edit source]

The city of Bankton is the HQ (and first branch of) the Laric First Bank. The First Bank was the first of its kind and to this day is the most successful. Anyone with an account can make deposits at any branch of the bank and withdrawal it at any other bank. Security is equipped with psions to confirm the ID of the person accessing an account. The bank is publicly owned, so the bank now loans money to the government during financial hardship. The First Bank soon opened two additional banks in Tarquazhan and Forge (Abandoned during the Deluvian Invasion).

Notable Buildings:[edit | edit source]

  • The Laric House of Representatives
  • The Embassy Halls
  • The Ministerial Palace
  • The Chancery
  • The Laric National Museum
  • The First Bank of Laric HQ

Diplomatics[edit | edit source]

In addition to its commercial power, Bankton is supposed to be the premiere diplomatic hub; its diplomatic quarter features ambassadors from most nations of the continent, as well as the Eladrin and even the Illud. However, since the fall of Verandi, the ability to resolve international issues is considered... limited. The Eladrin are far, the Vistrian ambassador is virtually cut-off from their nation, and the Illud consider their ambassadorship here to be a low-value, dead-end post.

Current Ambassadors:[edit | edit source]

  • Laric [Halfling]: Sukram Bluevine
  • Telaras [Elven]: Harl Leifenbrecht
  • Auras [Eladrin]: Elura Vangaras
  • Illud [Kua]: Bolraad of House Scolos
  • Vistria [Human]: (Jules) Von Frasier
  • Tarq [Dwarven]: Salzo Goldbeard

Other Notable people[edit | edit source]

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