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Balvan the Millstone is the spirit of Mount Pillar. He guards it in service to Swayne, whom he serves loyally if grudgingly as part of a deal whereby Swayne revived his dead daughter as the Vampire King Alyssa.


Balvan first awakened when the god Pelor taught Shadowfel's version of Mount Pillar to take human form. Over time, he leaned to travel between the planes and met Zonda the wind spirit in the Feywild. They entered into a relationship and eventually worked together to create a new spirit, who they named Alice.

However, Alice's health slowly degenerated as Balvan's earth-spirit fragment and Zonda's air-spirit fragment conflicted in her soul. Despite attempts to seek help from the the stone dragon Nevatov, Mother Fox and even the Efreets of the City of Brass, Balvan could not save his daughter.

In desperation, Balvan turned to Swayne the Westking, who agreed to transform Alice into a vampire in exchange for Balvan allowing Swayne to use Mount Pillar as a fortress, with none but those allowed by Swayne to enter, although Balvan negotiated exceptions for Zonda and Alice. Zonda, however, left Balvan when she saw the monster that their daughter had become. Balvan stored the wedding ring he had made for her in a cave within his mountainous self until it was stolen by the earthgliding Zora. Black used it for a time after taking it from Zora's corpse, but he returned it to Balvan in exchange for a 24-hour headstart in the Mount Pillar maze.


His fighting style was the inspiration for the ancient warrior who invented the Stone Dragon Style, from which Little One's signature Mountain Hammer originates.

List of artifacts[]

Balvan's ring

The Slab

Stone Breastplate