B'ob is an enigmatic Illud. He seems to undertake missions for the Illud on the surface, but other than that, little is known about his official rank. He speaks in a thus-far unique accent which inserts pauses into certain words. He also seems to have a degree of inside knowledge, warning Don DiCorso about Envoy Olundo and also seemingly knowing about the link between Swayne and the Mindhunters, despite KT traditionally not venturing into other planes.

B'ob is generally a non-combatant, but will shout advice and encouragement to his men. Mechanically, he is a marshall.

It is worth noting that the very name B'ob (or at least, for a Kua to bear that name) is offensive to Deluvians, for whom it is taboo to start proper names with Blibaal's letter, 'B', except for names of religious significance.

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