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Auric "The Executioner" Sturmgewehr was a renowned Elven bounty hunter and member of The Organisation. He joined them after his entire family was murdered by Kua Toa, which understandably leads to a strong personal animosity toward the entire species. It is perhaps worthy of note that as the Elven lands are in the east and this occured before the beginning of the KT Civil War, the murder was likely comitted by what are now the Illud.

He later left The Organisation to join an as-yet unnamed organisation dedicated to fighting against some unknown group that he believed to have infiltrated both the Elven court and the Illud High Council. As part of this he slew Riftfin Buluo, who had discovered his sect during a mission to eradicate some Cleansers on behalf of the Elven crown, but was later killed by Deathfin Gizua, who had been investigating Buluo's death.


Auric appeared to have a very stoic demeanour, even when confronting kua-toa. He was also honourable enough to back down from the fight when Angel gave the secret Organisation signal (unlike a certain other hunter).