Tastes like Calamari.

A beautiful part of nature.

Ankhegs are large creatures that till the soil, like big earthworms with jaws. They sometimes eat a stray piece of cattle but are left alone most of the time despite of that. They also have a acid breath attack, that is very unpleasant.

Legend holds that during the Deluvian Invasion of Verandi, a group of Verandian refugees fleeing the Deluvian forces met and were escorted by a group of mounted soldiers who had been scouting the area. When the Deluvians caught up to them, the scouts could have ridden off and left the refugees to their fate, but instead they stayed behind to hold them off the Kua Toa while the refugees fled, escorted by only the youngest of the scouts. While the scouts all died, a small pod of Ankhegs ate a bunch of Deluvians, without attacking any of the scouts, only eating the fishmen. This miracle is generally attributed to Sirius.

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