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Alyssa (formerly Alice) is one of the Vampire Kings, and is the only female member of the group. Despite her gender, the vampiric lords of the shadowfell are still known collectively as "Kings" both because the name pre-dates her and because it is more memetic than any alternative. Physically, Alyssa appears to be a small 12 year old child.


Alice the Stonechild[]

Alyssa was given the name Alice when she was created by the mountain spirit Balvan and the air spirit Zonda. Her body was shaped from stone by Balvan to look like a childlike combination of her "parents'" features. At first she was only a statue, but she came to life as a spirit when Balvan and Zonda both added pieces of their own spirit-selves to her.

Alice lived with Balvan and Zonda for approximately three years, however the conflict in her nature caused her to weaken continually, until she was on the verge of death. After exhausting all other options, Balvan made a pact with the Vampire King Swayne to save Alice's life by allowing him to turn her, on condition of Balvan's servitude. The West King succeeded with some difficulty in turning the Stonechild, whose physical body became detatched from her spirit. The now vampiric Alice, who would later go by the name Alyssa, left her father to live with and learn from Swayne, who taught her the basics of vampirism, as well as (inexplicably) the secret to shackling spirits. The spirit form of Alice continued to exist in the astral sea, now seperated from her physical body and accompanied by Zonda.

Alyssa the Vampire Queen[]

At some unknown time, Alice changed her name to Alyssa and rebelled against Swayne, staging an uprising where she managed to secure a number of spirits from Swayne and Hastings, establishing herself a secure position among her fellow kings.

After that, Alyssa is known to have collaborated somewhat with the other kings during the dead wars, fighting against the Ytarrans and their retaliatory interplanar invasion of the Shadowfel. It may be during this time that Alyssa gained the ironic epithet "the Crone" despite her overly youthful appearance.