It's Grapple Time...

Achievements are the little things you probably know from Video games, they appear in TDDC in irregular intervals, mostly when the party does something interesting. How many points the party get from these Achievments (EXP?), if they can cash that points in for bonuses against the big bads of the setting (like the Vampire Kings or Du and Unon) is currently not known.

Following there is a list of TDDC episodes and the Achievments that pop up there. I'm not sure If I get everything, the idea is that I rewatch the episodes and note the Achievments down, I'm not sure how fast I will be with that. To make life a little easier for me I would appreciate it if you just edit Achievments for Episodes I already included in the list that I missed.

Episode 1: Seeds of Adventure[edit | edit source]

- Travel to another Plane

- Travel to the Shadowfel (The party visited the Drow mine, who is located in the Shadowfel)

- First Boss Kill (they killed Kaavin Tayria)

- Stop Planar Invasion (The Dwarves wall off the entrance to the Shadowfel.)

- No-combat Encounter (They talked down the Warforged Robot Lumberjack)

Episode 2: When Everything goes to Hell[edit | edit source]

- No Sell (B'ob uses the stun rod on himself)

- Deductive Skills (Little One realises that there are two Kua Toa groups)

- Player AFK (Angel's player is away for one session, so she dashes into the woods, leaving The Party alone)

Episode 3: But it's MAGIC![edit | edit source]


Episode 4: Marp[edit | edit source]

- Side Quest (The Party agrees to try to save DiCorso's Steward.)

- 2H Weapon and shield (Draven lets Little One's shield fly.)

- Intimidate Check (Little One tries to Intimidate Marp... And wins!)

Episode 5: Daggerface[edit | edit source]


Episode 6: Library[edit | edit source]

- Four NPCs (not counting Familiars) (Daggerface, young Priest Tirim, Greypike and Temple 1 are in the party)

- Remembered Achievments (they were missing in Episode 5, perhaps I should rewatch Episode 3...)

- Still safer than the Death Star (The party encountered a 2ft. high railing, Angel was comfortable with that.)

- Find Secret Room (They got into the Secret Library)

- Find Secret Door (They found 5 vacuum-sealed books in the Secret Library)

- Don't believe in Fairies (The party found the abandoned Fey Lab)

Episode 7: Water Management[edit | edit source]

- Activate all the things! (Draven deactivated the Water input and activated the emergency drain.)

- Payback's a Fish (Kua Commander was knocked out)

- He's drinking our treasure (Quote from the 1st D&D Excerpts, also Kua Commander drinks a healing potion)

Episode 8: Assuming Direct Control[edit | edit source]

- Splitting the Party (The dwarfs and VII get left behind while the party goes to the Core.)

- Monster created by the GM (The party fights against the possessed controller and the players criticize Demonac for creating such an unfair enemy.)

- Ugly Bags of Mostly Water (The Dark Ancient sneers at the PCs for being flesh.)

Episode 9: Final Safeguard[edit | edit source]

- Low Mana (the casters get low on spells, healing spells in particular.)

- The more you know (Angel uses her Knowledge: Engineering skill to add her Sneak attack to the pillars.)

- Iron Man (Black gets some pretty cool Ytaran Armor.)

- Jek Porkins (Young Tyram dies in a fight against some goo tentacle things and some fairy dragonflies.

- Tron Man (Black finds out that his Ytaran Armor powers up in Ytaran facilities and electrocutes stuff that attacks him.)

Episode 10: Trolling[edit | edit source]

- Party Time (The Party talks with Don Horatio, his court wizard, some of his advisors and some like 20 other dwarfs.)

- Medal of Honor (Don Horatio gives the Party some honorary medals, AND honorary drinking mugs.)

- Grow up, Trolls (Little One thinks it's a good idea to taunt some troll jaws. IT IS!)

- Bait and Switch (The Party encounters a massive SEA MONSTER ... skeleton)

- ReRecording is hard, shut up (Demonac explains that while the party was in Ginaron, Little One got a Level in Dragonfire Adept, so he would always have the ability to see the invisible.)

- Trolling the Audience (steaming hot nude troll pictures are in full display at the end credits.)

Episode 11: The Hubris[edit | edit source]

- Glad you could join me Mr. Bond (The party meets with Coren Dahl through a wicker panel.)

- We don't need their scum (The party gets jumped by Auric "The Executioner" Sturmgewehr)

- Elvish accent (Auric talks with a deliberately bad German accent; fitting that his name is translated as Assault Rifle in english)

- Fake Magic Loot (The worst kind of loot, the Spiked Chain from one of the twins goes poof.)

Episode 12: Propaganda?[edit | edit source]

- Medal of Honor 2x (Don DiCorso gives the party slightly bigger medals than Don Horatio.)

- Exciting Economics (The Party talks with the Don about how they will profit from the Magic spoons, they decide to invest in the Easy FedEx option with some forward payment.)

- Non-Sequitor (They find out something about the Comic Book Hero Tale.)

- Didn't see that coming... (Hood tells the party about the other Daggerface.)

- I Disbelieve (Black found out that the Samurai Mareia is just a very potent, 60% there, Illusion.)

- Feed the Support (The stroke of Draven's killstealing begins.)

- Jell-O of Mass Destruction (the crystal conjures some acid mist that looks like a derpy face.)

Episode 13: The Magnificent Daggerface[edit | edit source]

- AFK (Angel's player is away again, damn scheduling issues.)

- One Steve Limit (The Magnificent Daggerface makes an entrance, not to be confused with (Dwarf) Daggerface.)

- Flavortext attack (Draven shoots two Flaming Rays from his custom Crossbow at Daggerface, he reflects them back.)

- Hit the Ground too Hard (Draven fell down from his flying position and gets falling damage.)

- The End? (All of the Party gets shot down and they are all unconscious, Half-Orc Guy is dead.)

- Monologuing (Daggerface talks and talks and talks.)

- Jerk with a heart of gold (Daggerface explains his situation, mostly that he didn't kill the party to get his compensation.)

- This was a 20 min. Argument (Little One doesn't want his gold taken away by Daggerface.)

Episode 14: The Goo, The Bad and The Ugly[edit | edit source]

- To The Letter (Little One takes his agreement with Daggerface as literally as possible.)

- Dead on Arrival (Matthew Patel is already dead when the Party arrives)

- Define to Divine (Black casts Augury, the first Divination spell of the Campaign.)

- Macross Missile Massacre (Goo-Man and Ant-Man unleash a barrage of missiles, Goo-man shoots six spikes and Ant-Man shoots a barrage of lasers that all seem to miss and then turn sharp angles to try to hit people. Of course Angel evasioned that.)

- Roboteching (The Barrage of Lasers of Ant-Man seem to miss but turn in sharp angles to try to hit.)

- This deals getting worse all the time (two villagers Hulk-out and one Gumpy's out.)

- Bullshit Power (REPEATABLE; goo people get -2 Damage per Die! Also called Bullshit Defense)

- Eldritch Eye (The Party gets their first Eldritch Eye from a Goo man).

Episode 15: One Point Five[edit | edit source]

- Switch to English? (Redcap can suddenly sing in English.)

- Mathematical Loot (The eponymous Red Cap of the Redcap got explained... And then disenchanted.)

- Marshals Refuge (The Party finds the Umber Hulk and the Hengal Neogi)

- Bullshit Power (REPEATABLE; It seems that Lord Kintemazu can teleport every round to stay out of the Party's Full attack range.)

- Impossibru! (Lord Manxaze doesn't want to heal everyone from the Astral Plague.)

- Hold for Technical Assistance (The help for a battle of their choosing seems to also include a significant short-term boon, most likely some kind of Karma buff, but the party shouldn't wait to call for help when they are at death's door. In the best case scenario they should call in days before their battle that Lord Kinekoro could join them.)

- Karma Houdini (Lord Kintemazu used a Rakshasa-portal to go "Sirius knows where.")

Episode 16: The Bronze Lady[edit | edit source]

- Shortcut (The Party could teleport to Vistria, but they decide to not do that.)

- Interspecies Romance (Little One explains that he is a half-dragon.)

- Where'd the cloaks go? (It seems that when the party and the Deluvians battle the party's cold weather cloaks go away, as do the Colos Cloaks from the regular KTs.)

- Oh, so cloaks are back now? (Interestingly, right after the battle the Cloaks appear on the party again.)

- Don't blame me I'm just the GM. (The players talk about how best to desecrate some Deluvians. In excruciating detail.)

- Cloaks again? I GIVE UP! (The cloaks are on, then they are not, then they are back on! ClOaK MaDNeSS! ThE ReAliTy begINs to FaLl Apart!)

- Metagame Knowledge (Little One argues that if they fight 100 minions they shouldn't be able to hit them very reliably... And fighting 100 dudes just seems pretty epic.)

- Home Sweet Cave (Little One is back in his old home.)

Episode 17: Champion of Sirius[edit | edit source]

- Deadpan Delivery ("I walked.")

- Talent for Understatement ("That explains why she has not returned on the months I stood here.")

- Undead Rules Lawyer ("My orders don't contain a clause for this consistency.")

- Immediate action spell (that Black casts for 8 healing.)

- It's not very effective (The undead dragonborn gets minimum physical damage from Draven's crossbow, additionally he gets 0 fire and 0 frost damage.)

- Gauntlet (Little One and Black smash down some bone walls.)

- Dear John: (Draven gets off a Sending spell to Daggerface.)

- Missed Monitor count: 1 (REPEATABLE)

Episode 18: Hammer Time[edit | edit source]

- Talk to the Hand (Black and Draven talk to the highest member of the Hand of Sirius.)

- Arranged Marriage (Draven's Backstory, including his arranged marriage to Ivana is explained.)

- Horse Almost Pictured (Lord Midgard rides one half of a horse.)

- Not as Bad as it Looks (Angel dances around the Reflex-saves of the golem and activates the self destru... The deactivation rune.)

- OMG I want One! (Andrew Midgard holds a tiny Inexorable Project golem in his hands. Demonac, we demand Plushies!)

Episode 19: Goodplace[edit | edit source]

- Home Sweet Home (Draven got home)

- Slot blocked (Little One trades his +4 Con-Amulet to Angel so he can wear his mothers Amulet)

- Epic mealtime (Included in the meal is the incentive to look at a GIANT TWO-HANDED SWORD that was wielded by a Frost Giant Jarl. Angel got an exceptional close look to the tip.)

- I'm an Agent of Chaos (The Party talks with a freedom loving fox spirit with at least 3 tails.)

- Tempting Fate (They called the village Goodplace... Everything bad that happened there there brought upon themselves.)

- MinMaxing 101 (Black turned his Turn Undead attempts into divine Metamagic... How he should have.)

Episode 20: Corpsplosion[edit | edit source]

- Pause to Talk in Mid Battle (The party talks to Zaheer and Mahar in the middle of battle!)

- All Too Easy (The party drops the necromancer in just 1 round)

- Bullshit Power (REPEATABLE; the necromancer transforms into a Necromonster)

- Boss Transformation (Traaansfoooorm)

- Doomed Hometown (Zaheer's village was destroyed by orcs.)

- Leadership Feat (Zaheer has taken the Leadership Feat to get Mahar as a Minion... And skeletal messenger ravens.)

- Rewards Beyond Loot (The party finds out that their questing for the three spoons has helped 25,000 Verandi refugees out of borderline malnutrition.)

- Quest giver (REPEATABLE; High Priest Matsomi is one.)

Episode 21: Hella Ka[edit | edit source]

- Took an Orc to the Knee (The party found an injured soldier whose legs were smashed.)

- Orcsposition (Burg tells the party some stuff; they really don't value information.)

- Outside-Context Opponent (Draven is afraid that if the Party has to fight against his WoW-Druid, his damage would be way to high to handle.)

- A Little too Quiet (The party rides through the Vistrian Countryside and... it's very nice and quite peaceful. That's what you get from a month without conflict.)

- Metagaming (Black has a bad felling because Demonac described an encounter in more detail than usual.)

Episode 22: Fury Road[edit | edit source]

- Skill: Spellcraft: Beta is using Psionics.

- Red shirt (Jimmy was killed!)

- IMMUNE: Beta is Immune against Angels Sneak attacks.

- Beta (REPEATABLE; Boss Banner - Dark Ancient font).

- Skill: Sense motive: Angel finds out that one of the Artificer's is not helping Beta out of their own free will.

- Beta Scan (way to cool to not include): - Black Something 6/10? Mechanizes Plate 10/10? Backlash damage & Healing 8/10?

- Little One Advanced Warblade Maneuvers & Penetrates Damage reduction 10/10? Natural Toughness 8/10? Something 6/10?

- Mahar Rapid attacks 6/10? Bracers of Armor 4/10? Acrobatics 3/10

- Which One's the Big One? (Little One wants to attack the big clay golem)

- Skill: Tumbling: Mahar tumbles away from Beta and attacks the other golem.

- Beehive Barrier (Beta uses Dampen Power on an Orb of Force from Draven.)

- Round 2 Fight (REPEATABLE; Beta uses another Golem).

- Revive kills Zombie: a dominated Black wants to drop a healing spell on an undead Mahar.

- Out of Character Revelation (Mahar is nearly dead... And his bones show under his robes.)

- Going chibi (The royal court is entirely in chibi style)

- DUKE SMASH (The bloody shield jumps of a wall and crushes the deluvian peace envoy.)

- Sigh... "Boobplate" (Worn by Chrysanthenmum von Christoff)

- With great power... (King Edward of Vistria gives the players the possibility to knight the players, but with all the nice boons they are also responsibilities.)

- It's the thought that counts... (The party gets paid a little bit of money for saving Goodplace.)

Episode 23: The Messenger[edit | edit source]

- Zoom and Enhance (Marshal Redpath uses a Telescope)

- Three Wolf Moon (Dogs are barking and howling)

- Xanatos Gambit (The Deluvian peace offer is most certainly one.)

- Diamondfin Koda (REPEATABLE; Boss Banner)

- Mind-Reading is My Skill List (Angel uses Detect thoughts on a Cultist)

- Spidergnome (Angel is standing on the ceiling and sees more stuff. Spidergnome spidergnome, does whatever a spidergnome does, stabs Dark Ancients in their energy core, spidergnome, spidergnome)

- Sen-i-soshitsu: Wormy got hit by a Searing Charge, losing his flesh suit.

- Dry cleaning: Demonac tells the players the mechanic too clean themselves from the green goo... Wait... Goo? No... Noooooooo.)

- Round 2 Fight (REPEATABLE; Wormy can apparently regenerate from death, hiding within his own dried-out corpse)

- Wormy (REPEATABLE; Boss Banner; he is a Leutenant of Cornello)

- Inside Job (Wormy has eaten Little One)

- Missed Monitor Count: 2 (REPEATABLE; Koda leaves without fighting)

Episode 24: Feywild![edit | edit source]

- Open the Iris: Zaheer casts Planeshift

- Slow motion: Feywild Praying mantis, multibug and frog action. In the Feywild.

- For science: Draven takes soil samples from the Feywild.

- Roc, Paper, Scissors: Mahar tells the party about Rocs, not rocks.

- Long Range Planning: Little One thinks about bombarding the Deluvian empire with rocs who hurl giant rocks.

- Menyareth (REPEATABLE; Boss Banner, he is a Fey Troublemaker)

- Briar VS Briar: a (Briar)vex attacks Black (played by (Briar)stone) and kills himself on him.

- Background action: Zaheer get's abducted (not an achievment, but I still like it.)

- Bullshit Power: (Repeatable Menyareth shoots double his arrows.)

Episode 25: Stop Breaking Draven![edit | edit source]

- Hur-Hur Asymptote: Angel describes the physics of the Feywild.

- Scientific Method: Little One sticks his finger in the goo.

- Properly Paranoid: Draven has a scroll of Dimension Door out, when he wants to fly above the goo.

- Oh sure, now it's "my" god: Draven asks Black if "his" god wants them to fly over the goo.

- Gering-ding-dingeringeding: Draven gets convinced to give The Pebble to The Tall One.

- Planar Profiling: Draven begins to dislike stuff from the Feywild, probably even Angel

- Knifey-Spooney: The fist of Sirius comes crashing down to a Goo animal.

- Kid Guu: The little goo is annoying.

Episode 26: Morduval[edit | edit source]

- And I must scream: Morduval tries to intimidate Mahar with horryfying descriptions.

- It's not very effective: The tentacle casters unleash a torrent of fireballs.

- Spirits of Evil: Morduval reveals his true form.

- Morduval (Repeatable; Boss Banner, he is a lieutenant of Swayne)

- I'm just the messenger: Morduval tells us about his dream... or hallucination.

- Vancian Fail: The real tentacle spell caster used up all of his useful spells and retreats.

- Gnome knows and Gnome unknows: Angel doesn't use the Colana Dialiah

Episode 27: Chains of the Vampire King[edit | edit source]

- Slight rewind from Last Time: Draven checks the stars.

- Two threads are better than one: Morduval's suit gets explained.

- Damned Trouts: Fantasy racism mode is engaged.

- Stick figure Mode Engaged: Part of the history of the Colana Dialiah gets explained, also did the thief get eaten by a dragon bear?

- DENEVAN EROLO'CH: It's a shadow monster under Swayne's control.

- Planar Symmetry: The shadowfel has a ceiling.

- Indefatigable Purpose: The entrance of the cave is stuffed in by zombies.

- To the research: Disabling Strike gets researched.

Episode 28: Unshackled[edit | edit source]

- Drow Accent: Zora speaks

- Oh Hai: Zora surprise attacks Angel out of the wall

- Heartless: Don Mazur gets hit by a force bolt in his ghost heart.

- Body Dysmorphia: Zora destones

- BENZEGEGOTH: (Repeatable; Spirit of Darkness, he is a shackled spirit of darkness.)

- VASUTHANT: It's very hard to see because it's dark

- The shugo: The other Rakshasas, the majority.

- Cash reward: Benzegegoth wants to regurgitate something for the party.

Episode 29: Da Rules[edit | edit source]

- Antiques Roadhshow: Draven and Angel sell Don Mazure's axe to Elana for quite a hefty price.

+ Level Up: The characters hit Level 12.

- Size counts: Draven upgrades Black's Mithril Mace from medium to Large.

- Mora Iricha joints the battle (she is an Aventi Bard and a Leadership Cohort to Angel)

- Rule of Cool: Little One takes the Leadership feat and chooses... Rainbowdash

- Rainbowdash The name of Little One's Leadership cohort.

- Alms: Black thinks about giving 14,000 Gold to the Hand of Sirius.

- Dis Almsment Talks: but the Party talks him out of it.

- New Bard, New Barding: The party rides on their new horses, Rainbow Dash has a platform mounted on her and Mora is also there.

- Escape This...: The party get's to see the Kuo-Toa-Anti-Escape-Box.

- Post-Orc Stress Disorder: The last Survivor of the orc attack has that.

- All-Wheel Drive: Rainbowdash can get over the fields of the goblins, but would mess them up.

- It's Da Rulez: The name of the rules Untor the Talker has implemented.

- Orkish Cooking?: It seems orcs enjoy rice.

Episode 30: Still Hella Ka![edit | edit source]

- Wizardly Word salad: Mordenkains Magnificient Caravan? Mordenkains Magnificient Trailer Home? Mordenkains Magnificient Motor Home? Mord's Mobile Hotel?

- Sand Trap: The orcs have prepared an ambush.

- Power-Pole Extend: Little One is using a Longspear and always counts as being set against a charge.

- Ironheart Surge: Both orcs use it too get rid of the moonbolt.

- Triage: Black casts Close wounds to save Hag from bleeding out.

- Boot to the Head: Rainbowdash kills her first target.

- Chivalry?: Black considers marrying Hag.

- Democracy: all decide what to do... Then Draven killsteals.

Episode 31: Sands of Urruk[edit | edit source]

- ESP TPS Report: Draven casts Sending on Jonasson's assistent.

- Fanservice Episode?: Little One may get a thong snucked inside his ring of armor.

- Don't worry it's just a name: The party get's past the dragonrocks.

- Except Hag...: Little One want's to recruit anyone and anything! Well, Except Hag...

- Is that Irony or...: Little One talks about scorpion sizes.

- Chumbawamba: Black stand up and eats an AoO (This may be a reference too an alternative rock band, best known for their song Tupthumping "I get knocked down! But I get up again; You're never gonna keep me down")

- Counter damage?: does Black ask.

- Martyr Complex: Black (or Briarstone) has that because he want's to deal counter damage.

- No Crit = No big Damage counter: Black want's his counter damage.

- Lucky I forgot Tremorsense: An image from Angel is hit by Mr. Scorpion though he does have Tremorsense.

Episode 32: Why Are We Talking to These Guys?[edit | edit source]

- Says so on my character sheet...: Mora has Knowledge: Engineering because she is probably a bard who doesn't know where to put all that extra skill points.

- Calculator Time: Angels speed get's mathed out.

- Sarcastic GM impression: Focusing chi, Focusing chi. SMASH!

- We can see your crack: Little One opens up a crack.

- WAH, waaaaaah: Draven has a wand against all the Fire and Rock guys. A wand of Fireball.

- Out of Sight, Out of Mine: Some earth guys disappear into the walls.

- Haboob: The Goo caster casted that.

- Goo Riddance: The Goo caster dies from Angel's attack.

Episode 33: Blacklash[edit | edit source]

- Evolve into Earth Type: Rainbowdash get's the Burrow spell cast on her.

- Third Time's the Charm: The tunnel has collapsed a third time.

- Night Changes: The group wants to rest in the collapsed tunnel. (This may be a quote from Castlevania II, or a song from One Direction.)

- Bad Mojo: Black get's blasted with a lot of negative energy.

- TR-4: Stands before the party.

- The Northern Terminus: TR-4 says that the party has arrived there.

- Don't blink: "Can you imagine Angel with a Ring of Blinking?"

- Deep Impact: VARN uses this in combination with a crit Ruby Nightmare Blade for 70 damage but because of that he get's the

Blacklash table: - Hamatula barbs (or Scorn of Sirius): 1d8 vs. Melee attacks. - Ring of Vengeance: 5d6 against critical hits. - Retributive amulet: 50% damage reflected back at the attacker from a single attack. - Retaliation shield: If an attack deals 10 or more damage. 1d6

- No Sell: Little One's attack of 30 is not enough to hit Del.

- Delta (Repeatable, Boss Banner, he is a Dark Ancient)

Episode 34: This is Not a Drill![edit | edit source]

- Spare Parts: Delta is pretty sure he can replace his flesh suit without a problem.

- Bloodied: Delta's golem form is.

- Delta Scan (too cool to not include) - Black Brute Force 5/10? Extreme Defense 10/10? Divine Magic 8/10?

- TR-4 Minimal Combat Ability 2/10 and 1/10? High priority for posession out of combat 5/10?

- Draven Force Wand 10/10? Flight 6/10? and possible other magic defenses 4/10? Other 8/10?

- Tunneling machine No Mental activity [Possesion not possible]

- Warforged Lumberjack like constructs No Mental activity [Possesion not possible]

- Little One Orc-like combat 10/10? Significant armor/skills 8/10? but 3/10? are blacked up with Injuries Other 5/10?

- Nobody's home: The party remembers that Beta abandoned his golem body too.

- Not Cool Bro!: Not everyone get's TR-4's humour.

- TETSUO!: TR-4 casts Akira.

- Round 2: Fight! Repeatable: Delta Dark Ancient, now in the body of a Tunneling machine

- NOT the Northern Terminus: TR-4 lied earlier.

- I Want That Orc Not Excuses: Draven really wants to get Liz.

- Chutzpah: Little One thinks that the Rahjs have a certain amount of... Balls.

- RIP TR-4 Born: +1200 Years ago. Died: ~ 5 minutes after meeting the PC's.

Episode 35: The Northern Terminus[edit | edit source]

- LIZ: has joined the party.

- RIP TR-4?: TR-4's head get's tossed in the interdimensional holding space..

- Speak with Dead: The Party, for the first time, uses Speak with Dead too talk to TR-4.

- ...Polaron... : Polaron get's namedropped.

- Legendary Mac Guffin: The Creation Matrix

- Ysolas Turi (The Last Ytarran): last Prime Minister Minister of Defense Minister of Treasury Minister of Science Minister of Agriculture Minister of Interior and Foreign affairs of Ytarra

-Conversation paraphrased: Sending has a 25-Word Limit each way.

-DEEP IMPACT: Liz has that too

-8 bit: The way towards Polaron seems to be in that style.

- A/C Zero: The insides of the Tram has risen up to 60° Celsius (or 140 Fahrenheit)

- Ask A Lifeline: Black Augurys if it's a good idea to Dimension Door ahead.

- Dark Ancient Gamma: Dark Ancient Boss font, Repeatable.

- Scream with Dead: Gamma's heads all begin hissing for 2d6 sonic damage each round and a chance for Deafness.

- Spawning adds: "ADDS" is MMO slang for additional enemies during a fight.

- Angels killer attack. 3x +4d6 (Fell the greatest foe) +3d6 (Sneak attack) +1d6 Flaming chain +1d6 Ice crystal = 120 damage

Episode 36: Polarized[edit | edit source]

- Sorry About The Mess: Gamma's remains litter a holy symbol of Ytaru.

- ARMOR (not pictured): Black's armor powers up.

- "No Traps": The one serious trap get's activated.

- "Full" damage: not max. damage when you go inside the beam.

- Peer Pressure: Liz won't run while the others fight.

- Checkmate?: The golems can angle the laser.

- Double standard: When Angel stays behind it's okay but when Little One does it, suddenly it's dangerous.

- Shields Up: 30 temporary Hit Point shield.

- Round 2 FIGHT!: The Death Laser shoots again

- Tremendous wall: The Wall of Stone Draven casted was succesfull!

- Only the Penitent Man: The party does want to send in a decoy (Liz); I'm pretty sure there is a quote here that I don't understand.

- Achievement Writes Itself: There are two massive spheres of Yttronium

- Deadpan: "We should just shut the door."

- Immunity to flanking penalties; doesn't prevent you from being flanked! Little One at least is unflankable

- Mystery solved?: The Polaron charges discharge for 5 electricity damage per charge if a ball golem hits.

Episode 37: The Quest for Rainbowdash[edit | edit source]

- STONE BODY: DR/10 Adamantine; +4Str; -4Dex; IMMUNE TO: Critical hits; Ability damage, Most status effects.

- Use At Own Rist: Find the path doesn't care for safety. AT ALL!!!

- Hot Zone: Polaron is full of Lava.

- Cloaking Device: Little One sees an invisible shield generator.

- COOLdown: The cone of Cold from the Fire suppression System has one.

- Art Critic: someone smashed some Ytarran murals

- Dude, Where's my Mount?: Rainbowdash is gone.

Episode 38: Eldritch Lab[edit | edit source]

-What's Behind Door #3: After Angel opens Door #2, Door #3 shows up.

- Hard-Hat Area: The controller says "No" to opening Door #3.

- Talking Is A Free Action: And Epsilon just loves to hear his own voice.

- New And Improved?: The party faces an improved beholder.

- Fool Me Twice: The mutant beholder makes sure that the Ytarran illusion is actually a fake.

- FIREBARD: Sadly Mora Iricha isn't one.

- Hit You Right In The Buffs: Black has a lot of them when Epsilon casts an area dispel.

- Blind Weaponmaster: Angel hits pretty often, even with the blindness

- Gotta Catch Em All: Little One and Black gather all the eyes

- Abomination Handlers Gear


Episode 39: He's Drinking our Treasure![edit | edit source]

-Solid Plan: Black really wants to turn into stone.

- Mechwarrior: Little One alpha strikes the head of a Golem

- I'm not the one who knocks: Draven is not the door opener

- Save vs. Advertising: Did you make your save?

- Dihydrogen Monoxide: It's water

- He can really move...: Alpha uses Sonic Energy Burst

- Damp Power?: Draven wants to look that up

- *Batteries not included*: Draven didn't wanted the Power source to be destroyed.

- NEVER...: It's fun you get more EXP if you kill everything.

- Double down: Little One wants to find another power source and shut it down.

Episode 40: The Age of Epsilon[edit | edit source]

- Cursed Maneuver: Rallying Strike misses again.

- Butt Heal (hur-hur-hur); Mora Iricha can't do anything but heal

- Twilight? Sparkles?: Three glitterdust rounds make everything sparkly.

- Blind Leading The Blind: can't wait for the blinded party members to recover

- "T" for Torch: Reginald Black activates his mace to shine light.

- Literally Figuratively: Little One may use flaming charge to Literally transform himself into a flaming spear

- Dark Ancient Epsilon: Dark Ancient Boss font, Repeatable.

- Angels attack: +17 to hit (regular); +2 Bane construct; +2 Flanking; +3 Targetting Ray; +1 Haste +2 = 27.

- One Effing Hitpoint: 1HP is all that Little One has left.

- Save vs. Advertising: Did you make your save?

- Don't See That Everyday: Rainbowdash kicks Epsilon right in the shield dome.

- Access Granted: The Party gets access to the secondary armory.

- The five bolts:

. Hastings the South King

. Vladimir of the Mountains

. Swayne of old house

. Lockhart the cold

. Alyssa the crone

PPAP?: In the Epilogue

Episode 41: Never Split the Party[edit | edit source]

- With your name on it... : Every Bolt has a specific enchantment that somehow will interact with the Vampire Kings

- I'm Mary Poppins Y'all: Draven is Hawkeye.

- SALAMANDER: But not a DnD monster one, more like a fire and lava immune small salamander.

- Strategic withdrawal Unit: The Party finds out that this was basically the hobby of the Polaron Lead engineer... And she never stopped improving.

- AWAY and POLARON: The Party decides who should go to Bankton

- Suburbs (not Pictured): But Bankton is, finally.

- What's in the Box?: That GE-7 left in Bankton

- Home Alone: Mora doesn't have sending but she does have Teleport.

- BRILLIANT!: Little One's spear should become one. As should Reginald Black's armor.

Episode 42: Gnome Alone[edit | edit source]

- Let them fight!: Liz get's to fight, not using the Rod.

- I Attack The Flavor Text: Angel disrupts the GM's description to cast Invisibility.

- Ball?... Smash: The Slicing Golem gets to destroy some fire minions.

-Shoot The Hostage: Angel attacks the hostage.

-Accio Horcrux?: Could it have been possible that the Green Dragon born stored excess HP in the hostage? Like a Horcrux?

Episode 43: Surprise Guest[edit | edit source]

- Blow The Doors Off: Someone blows off the doors.

- How Is That A Reflex Save?= Draven get's Death Marked and has to make a... Reflex save?

- Diamondfin HAZOV Deluvian Monitor (Boss, Repeatable)

- Diamond Fin: Diamondfin Hazov get's one as part of a Maneuver

- No Disintegrations!: While there is a peace treaty.

- Unforgiven: Publicly showing the dead Monitors might have repercussions.

Episode 44: Ride the Lightning[edit | edit source]

- IMASA Dragon Shaman: Dragon Font, Repeatable

- Professional Lip-Sync: The head is moving and speech happens!

- Crocodile Smile: The lady is smirking.

- Lady Myulana Blue Dragon Lord: Dragon Font, Repeatable

- Hair Flip?: As soon as she is revealed, her human guise changes.

- Violence Does Not Concern Me: Lady Myulana doesn't want to kill everyone, that's nice.

Episode 45[edit | edit source]

- I like to Watch...: Draven wants to see what will happen with the amulett and the leylines.

- Poking the Dragon: Little One asks a lot of questions about his possible father... As the son of a love-rival.

- Weregeld: The Party gets money from helping Lady Myulana, but some of it gets deduced because of Fadeers death.

- Magical Taxidermy: The heart of the Orogarai is under a specialized Gentle Repose spell.

- 2 mo to Craft; 20 s to Draw: Lady Myulana wears a fancy bag. You wouldn't believe how fancy it is.

- Raise the Dead: Fadeer has the dubious honor of being the first charakter in the series who get's raised from the dead.

Episode 46: Tombstone[edit | edit source]

- Square-Cube Rule: Rainbowdash takes massive dumbs. That are taken care of by a worker unit.

- Nuke The Site From Orbit: 4 castings from Blistering Radiance would not be enough to to kill half the zombies on THIS side of the mountain.

- Mountain Man: On the mountain, there is a guy!

- Balvan the Millstone: His font, Repeatable. Is also the aforementioned guy.

- No Save: 2d6 Con damage. Is what Mountain Tombstone Strike would do. Potentially Balvan could use this.

- Green Flame?: The torches here are burning in a green flame.

Episode 47: Spider Climb[edit | edit source]

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